Behind the skyline

from by Inertia Pills



Shining dawn then nice days keep visions made of grey away from ill-omened birds
Just close your eyes and prey
Light things I’ve ever heard

Magnetic waves flood the streets, guided by voices I can’t get
Crowd without face dressed for success
Let’s find the sense on rainy days

Take the distance
Long time since I’ve not answered to a life that doesn’t speak, doesn’t speak for me

I feel it gnawing me from the inside
How long ‘til it carries me away

I can’t wait for better tomorrows
Why should they come as I keep on dying alone

I’m still waiting, or just resigning
Where are the dreams I’ve shaped?
Should clean out my pockets full of regrets

When I turn my back, I see what I’ve failed
I’m looking forward
Does future rhyme with fate?

Throw me, throw me away
Unleash my soul, feed my brain
Show me, show me the way
Forget my fall, and I’ll find an escape plan

Bent in the wind, I lead out my scars where they won’t be suffered by nobody else
I lead out my scars far, that place where light’s not supposed to fade


from Behind the skyline, released October 1, 2011




Inertia Pills Paris, France

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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